Assessment Solutions

We are one of the recognized assessment centers in Abu Dhabi to help you achieve certification, our utmost priority is to conduct rigorous QA processes at each stage starting from designing to result generation stage. At each stage, audit & monitoring mechanisms in place to ensure reliable, timely and quality delivery of assessments.

This enables the individuals to optain Certificates of Conformity that meet Abu Dhabi technical standards and requirements as specified by Abu Dhabi regulators and local authorities.

This will assure that workers have passed minimum quality standards specified for each occupation covered.

Our Expertise Assessment Solutions:  

  •  Regulatory Assessments
  • General Trade Testing

A robust assessment platform for vocational skills:

Occupation standards and qualifications

  • Based on occupation standards and qualification metrics defined by leading skill bodies/ regulators

Assessment Framework

  • Comprehensive evaluation of theoretical knowledge & practical ability.
  • Accurate & approved parameters to evaluate job performance.
  • Question banks built evaluate practical and Technical Knowledge.

Technology-enabled Administration and Delivery

  • Administration process involves using tablets, video recording and other technology devices ensuring quality and reliable delivery service.